Chicken Sandwiches

– Halal Chicken Cesar (breast Chicken, spinach, fresh tomatoes, parmesan cheese and Cesar sauce) £5.20 £3.95

– Chicken Alfredo (breast chicken, spinach, mushroom, red peppers and Alfredo sauce) £520 £3.95

– Fried chicken (fried chicken, tomatoes, salads, BBQ sauce, spicy sauce and red onion) £5.30 £3.95

– Spicy chicken (breast chicken, tomatoes, spicy peanut sauce, pineapple and salad) £5.30 £3.95

– Chicken club (breast chicken, tomatoes, mayo, cheddar cheese and bacon) £5.20 £3.95

– Beast (baked chicken, tomatoes, marinate onion with lemon, parsley and salad) £6.00 £4.50

– Chicken and carbonara (breast chicken, rocket, bacon and carbonara sauce) £5.30 £3.95

– Chicken and black peppers sauce (tomatoes, rocket, breast chicken and black peppers sauce) £5.30 £3.95

Allergen Info

*All our sandwiches can contain traces of eggs or nuts*